Proof of teaching effectiveness for all courses!
(updated December 2020)

As instructor of record

Anthropology 2030: Cultural Anthropology

Taught SS 2020, SP 2021
Syllabus (for SS 2020)
Syllabus (for SP 2021)

Independently taught the foundational cultural anthropology course. This course emphasizes human cultural diversity, and encourages students to re-frame their perception of unfamiliar cultures as well as their own (make the strange familiar and the familiar strange) in order to better understand their roles as global citizens. Topics include history of anthropology, kinship and marriage, cultural evolution, economics, sex and gender, political organization, and globalization.

Anthropology 1500: Monkeys, Apes, & Humans

Taught FS 2019, SP 2020
Syllabus +
*Addendum to syllabus for COVID remote transition

Independently developed and taught an introductory course on primates, both human and non-human, suitable as an elective for anthropology majors as well as non-anthropology majors. This course is a broad survey of the Order Primates and their anatomy, evolution, and behavioral ecology. There is a strong emphasis on humans as a member of the Order and as a biological species. Despite personal research emphasis on demography, pandemics, and health, her expertise as an anthropologist qualifies her to effectively teach courses on a wide breadth of anthropological topics, such as primatology.

Anthropology 1300: Multiculturalsim

Taught FS 2020

Independently taught this lower level cultural anthropology class that is intended for anyone interested in human cultural diversity on the global scale. We use cross-cultural and American examples to emphasize cultural complexity, assess practicality of multicultural issues, and investigate changing cultural dynamics. This course satisfies the University of Missouri College of Arts & Sciences Diversity Intensive requirement.

As teaching assistant

Anthropology 4990: Capstone Seminar (Writing Intensive)
Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2018

Anthropology 3460 WI: Plagues and Peoples (Writing Intensive)
Spring 2017

Anthropology 1000: General Anthropology
Fall 2017
* Independently led discussions and lectures in the honors section of this course

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