Welcome to my website, it is so great to have you here!

I am a biological anthropologist (I think everything is interesting, but they make you choose something eventually, so I chose anthropology because it’s the best). But I am also so much more than that!

Me in Bergen, Norway on top of Fløyen.

In addition to being a scholar and an all-around curious person, I was a competitive swimmer for 15 years, the last four of which were spent at Towson University, a wonderful little mid-major NCAA Division 1 program in Baltimore, Maryland. I swam butterfly (100 and 200, and occasionally the 50 on a relay if I was lucky), and freestyle (100 and 200). I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to swim on such a high level, and my athletic identity is something I have carried with me (and will carry with me) for the rest of my life.

Me on the very last day of my 15-year swimming career in February 2015.

Because of this, I am a strong advocate for student-athletes, in and out of the university. I was a swim coach for six years after retiring from my own swimming career, and I have seen firsthand after coaching every age group how essential athletics is for young peoples’ physical, emotional, social, and professional development.

I am also a bibliophile and proud lover of all things literature, non-fiction, fantasy, what have you. I own over 400 books and absolutely have not read them all. I am a Ravenclaw through and through. I was a Targaryen before Season 8 Episode 5. I am a complete sucker for a Young Adult literature masterpiece.

My favorite animal is the dinosaur. In a parallel universe in which I am still an academic, I am a paleontologist, no question about it.

Overall, I love learning new things, going new places, having new experiences, and eating new foods. If you are a fellow academic who made it to my website, I wish you the best on this crazy journey.

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